Smart Point SA is committed in the development of innovative technological solutions, ready to use and/or tailored to the customer's needs.
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Our R&D team, divided between Switzerland and Italy, has numerous skills: from hardware design to expertise in the field of electronics, both analog and digital; from the development of firmware microcontrollers, database integration and system integration, up to software development. The team follows the entire creation process, from the concept of the solution to its entry into the market.
Smart Point SA solutions are reliable and suitable for any field of use, such as, for example: the management of corporate assets; maintenance of systems and components; the administration and care of both public and private buildings; the control of cathodic protection systems and other underground structures; the safeguarding of sensitive data and information.
The mission of Smart Point SA is to develop innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions, capable of solving management, security, digitization and efficiency issues and to increase the potential of the Customer's systems and structures.
"What cannot be memorized, has never happened"
OUr Tailor-Made Solutions
Smart Point is a systems integrator for specific solutions
Customized and innovative hardware/software solutions not present on the market
Ideas make the difference
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