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Automatic Identification Systems


Smart Point System® is an exclusive patent of Smart Point SA.
Smart Point System® consists of:

- An EEPROM memory encapsulated in a 316L stainless steel casing, with maximum dimensions of 6.5 mm in diameter and 1.25 mm in thickness;
- An electronic interface (pen), for physical reading and / or writing operations;
- A management software, to be installed on a smartphone, PC, tablet or other device.

Smart Point® tags can be used in any area, such as: computerization of the maintenance of all types of equipment, as well as components of both public and private buildings;
for the creation of electronic labeling systems; for the storage and conservation of sensitive data, for the creation of digital systems aimed at managing corporate asset.

Thanks to its incredible resistance and extremely small size, Smart Point® Technology allows you to operate in any type of environment and conditions of use. In addition, the proprietary communication protocol ensures that the most sensitive data is safeguarded against theft, loss and tampering.


It is a technology consisting of a chip, an antenna and a reader.

Each chip has an identification that allows to distinguish the object on which the chip is installed and is readable from a distance even through the thickness of the materials that cover it, be they synthetic or natural..


It is a set of high contrast graphic elements arranged so that they can be read by a scanning sensor that uses laser beams and decrypted to return the information contained.

As far as Barcode reading is concerned, the prevailing, but also the most reliable technology, uses one or more laser beams..


The beacons for geo-localization are used where the GPS signal is not available, i.e. inside buildings, basements, tunnels, etc. The beacons consist of a tin body of different sizes, which varies according to the battery life. They are completely autonomous and can work without any intervention for a duration ranging from 5 to 15 years, depending on the model.

Near-field communication (NFC)

“Proximity communication” is a two-way transmission technology that allows two-way, remote (contactless), short-range wireless connectivity (up to a maximum of 10 cm).
The devices differ greatly in physical characteristics, such as mechanical and chemical resistance, or immunity to disturbances and interference due to environmental causes. They also differ in operational characteristics, such as methods and speed of use and read / write equipment.


Smart Point SA and the computerization of processes

In order to provide its customers with complete "turnkey" solutions, and integrate new applications into those already in use, Smart Point SA specializes in activities related to the informatization of processes, such as:

- Studies of feasibility and optimization of management and maintenance processes, with and without the aid of automatic identification systems.
- Analysis, design and development of customized software (Windows, Windows CE, Windows Mobile) to be integrated, if necessary, with the applications already in the Customer's possession.- Design and construction of libraries dedicated to any type of hardware (RFID Readers, Bar Codes, Contact Memories).


I nostri principali servizi:

• Design of new devices;
• Prototyping of new devices;
• Study, design and construction of supports or mechanical parts for the correct housing of the electronic labels on the components to be traced.


Smart Point SA provides electronics and micromechanical services:Thanks to the extreme versatility of our technologies and solutions, Smart Point SA has been able to operate in the most varied fields, always satisfying the needs of each Customer.We do not have a specific sector of use: any reality that needs innovative solutions can contact Smart Point SA.